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Microsoft vs. Apple: The two videos that show the difference


The reviews have been written.

Many believe Microsoft soared and Applebored.

In a week in which both launched new machines, Microsoft’s looked like something new and Apple’s resembled something familiar with a few bells and emojis added.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will immediately leap from Apple’s computers to Microsoft’s. It does, though, suggest that Microsoft finally understands that it must inspire in order to attract.

Most real humans, however, don’t watch tech company product events. They really do have better things to do.

If they happen to hear that something was launched, they might go to YouTube and catch up with whatever fuss was generated.

So a look at Microsoft’s and Apple’s new product videos offer a certain atmosphere from which to compare the two.

Apple followed its formula. Jony Ive‘s voice accompanied love-shots of the product. It’s seconds before you hear him say: “Uncompromising performance.”

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